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The siluer swanne, who liuing had no note...
O that the learned poets of this time..
I waigh not fortunes frowne nor smile..
I tremble not

t at poyse of warre. ..***
I see ambition neuer pleasde.....
I faine not friendship where I hate..,
How art thoù thral'd, o poote ais-pised creaturé.
Farewell all joyes ! O Hell..........
Daintie fine bird, thou art encaged there.
Faire ladies that to love capti-ued are...
'Mongst thousands good, one wanton dame to finde...
Now each flowry bancke of May..

is now olde; that erst at-temping lasse......
What is our life? 'a play of passion.
Ah deere hart; why doe you rise.
Faire is the rose, yet fades with heate or
Nay let mee weepe, though others teares be spent..
Nere let the sunne with his deceiuing light:
Yet if that age had frosted ore his head........!
Trust not too much, faire youth, unto thy feature....


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By the Catch Club,


The Period of its Institution in the Year 1761;

The Names of the respective Composers, and the Dates of their


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Mr. S. Webbe's Prize Glees. 1766 CANON O that I had Wings .. 1767 CATCH The Moon and Woman .. 1768 CANON From everlasting. 1768 | GLEE A gen'rous Friendship • 1770 CANON Alzate o porte.... 1771 CANON Iddio i quel che mi cinge 1772 GLEE

Discord..... 1774 CATCH To the old 1774 CANON | Who can express. 1775 CANON Now I'm prepared.. 1776 | GLEE

You gave me.. 1776 Glee "Tis Beauty calls 1777 ODE Glory be to the Father.. 1777 | CANON Rise my Joy. 1778 | GLEE Great Bacchus.. 1778 GLEE Hail Music ... 1781 | Ope Neighbours come.. 1781 CATCH O all ye Works. 1782 CATCH My Lady Rantum 1783 CANON To thee all Angels 1784 CATCH When youthful Harriet.. 1784 Glee The fragrant Painting. 1788 CANON O Lord shew thy mercy 1788 | GLEE Swiftly from the Mountains. 1790 | CATCH Juliet is pretty.. 1790 GLEE Non fidi al mar. 1792 | CATCH Tell me..

Dr. Arne's Prize Glees. 1764 | Catch | Good Neighbours be quict... 1765 GLEE Which is the properest Day. 1766 CATCH Dite carlo quanti botte 1766 CANON Ombra amene ......... 1766 | GLEE Gia riede primavera. 1768 Catcu Dear Jenny I love you... 1769 | GLEE Make ha to meet..

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J. S. Smith's Prize Glees. 1773 | CATCH Here flat on her back. 1773 CANON O remember not the Sins.. 1774 GLEE Let happy Lovers fly. 1775 Catch Since Phillis has bubbled........ 1775 Glee Blest pair of Syrens. 1776 GLEE While Fools.... 1777 GLEE Return blest Days. 1780 ODE When to the Muses

Dr. Cooke's Prize Glees. 1767 | GLEE The Longitude miss'd on.... 1771 | GLEE How sleep the Brave... 1773 GLEE In the merry Month of May. 1775 CAN Amen. 1777 Ope

O come ye Fair... 1782 Glee As now the Shades of Eve.. 1793 | Catch | Nature for defence..

Mr. W. Hayes's Prize Glees. 1763 | CANON | Alleluja... 1763 CANON Misere Nobis.. 1763 I GLEE

Melting Airs.

Mr. Baildon's Prize Glees. 1763, Catch*/ When is it best...... 1766 | Glee When gay Bacchus.

Mr. L. Atterbury's Prise Glees. 1778, CATCH | As t'other day Susan...... 1778 GLEE Adieu


Streams... 1779 CATCH Some modern Wives... 1780 Glee

Be gone dull Care.... 1780 1 GLFE O thou sweet Bird ..

Earl of Mornington's Prize Glees. 1776 CATCH When first that I was wed 1777 | CATCH As Dolly and Nan. 1779 Glee

Here in cool Grot...

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Dr. Alcock's Prize Glees. 1770 | GLEE Hail ever pleasing Solitude 1772 CANON Like as the Hart. 1774 GLEE We'll drink... 1778 CANON | Oglve Thanks...

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Mr. F. Hutchinson's Prize Glees. 1771 CATCH | As Colin one Ev'ning.. 1772 GLEE Jolly Bacchus..... 1773 | GLEE Where weeping Yews.

* This was the First Prize Catch.


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Mr. S. Webbe, Jun.'s Prize Glees. 1794 CATCH | Ah Friendship... 1794 CANON Resonate Jovem 1795 | CANON Come follow me

Messrs. Pacton's Prize Glees. 1779 | CANON | O Lord in thee.... 1779 | GLEB How sweet, how fresh 1780 CANON Israel trust in the Lord 1781 GLEE Round the hapless 1783 CATCH Ye muses inspire me .... 1784 GLEE Blest Pow'r ..... 1785 | ODE

Come, O come........

Dr, Callcott's Prize Glees. 1785 | CATCH A beauteous Fair.... 1785 CANON Blessed is he...... 1785 GLEE Dull repining Sons. 1786- CATCH On a Summer's Morning 1786 CANON Bow down thine Ear 1787 CANON Thou shalt shew me.... 1787 GLEE Whann Battayle smet hynge. 1789 CATCH Have you Sir John Hawkins's History 1789 CANON O that thou would'st. 1789 GLEE

Go idle Boy..... 1789 S. GLEE O thou where're thy Bones. 1790 CANON Call to Remembrance. 1790 Glee O voi che suspirate... 1791 CATCH Tom Metaphysician. 1791 CANON I am well pleased. 1791 | GLEE

Triumphant Love.. 1792 CANON O Israel... 1792 GLEE See with Ivy. 1792 S. GLEE Father of Heroes.. 1793 | CANON Christ being raised.

Mr. R. Cooke's Prize Glees. 1788, S. GLEB | Concord is conquer'd... 1811 | GLEE With a gen'rous 1812 S. GLEE / What Shade..

Mr. J. Danby's Prize Glees. 1781 | GLEE When Sappho tun'd... 1789 CANON Lift up your Heads..... 1783 GLER Awake Æolian Lyre. 1783 S.GLEE Music has Pow'r...... 1784 CANON And why my Soul.. 1785 S.GLEE The Nightingale who tunez. 1786 GLEE The fairest Flowers.. 1787 ODE When Beauty's Soul.. 1791 S.GLEE O Salutaris... 1794 | S, GLEE 'Tis Midnight....

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Mr. James Hook's Prize Glecs. 1772 CATCH One Morning Dame Turner..... 1780 CATCH | Come kiss me dear Dolly ...

Mr. R. J. S. Stedens's Prixe Glecs. 1782 | GLEE See what borrid Tempests... 1786 GLEE It was a Lover...

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Continuation of Prizes. 1763 | CATCH | Whoe'er a Woman's Tongue..... Marella, J. B. 1764 CANON Let the Words of my Mouth..... Woodward, Richard 1764GLEE Where'er you tread...

Long, Samuel 1765 CATCH Adieu, good Night....... Thomas, Charles 1765 CANON | Beatus, Vir.....

JBaptista Bruguera 1656 CATCH Don't push your tender passion.. Mulso, Edward 1767 CANON O Lord Almighty.....

Woodward, R. M.D. 1768 | GLEE Fill the Bowl....

Dyne, John 1768 CATCH Quando la serpa annosa.. Crocchi, Sig. 1769 CATCH Ancient Phillis....

Jenner, Rev, C. 1769 CANON Glory be to the Father..

Hellendale, Pet. 1769 | GLEE A cruel Fate....

Aylward, Theodore 1770 CATCH Sir, you are a comical Fellow.. Bates, William 1770 GLEE To all Lovers of Harmony. Nares, Dr. 1771 GLER Come bind my Hair....

Battishill, J. 1776 CANON Nos aem glorio...

Cirri, G. B. 1787 GLEE Now the bright Morning Star... Greville, Rev. Ri. 1794 GLEE Let the Sparkling Wine.. Rock, Michael 1811 | GLEE

Loude Blowe the Wyndes. ...Condel, Henry
Born in yon Blaze...

Stevenson, SirJ.Ki.

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