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THIS Publication is principally intended
for the accommodation of TEACHERS of Elo-

CUTION, and of YOUNG PERSONS, who are in
the course of their EDUCATION : yet to Read-
ers of every class--to the private Citizen, and
to the Christian, as well as to the advanced
Scholar, and to the Orator,-it presents an
agreeable companion, particularly suited to fill
up short intervals of accidental leisure:

A GENERAL VIEW of the variety compre-
hended in this volume, with the names of the
Authors from whose works extracts have been
made, so far as they could be ascertained with
certainty, is exhibited in the following Table


ERY, and the OUTLINES OF Gesture, which
are prefixed, are mostly abstracted froin Chap-
man's Orator, and are fuller and more minute,
it is believed, than what is commonly to be
met with in compilations of this sort.

LIVING AUTHORS, it is hoped, will not be
displeased that useful and elegant passages have
been borrowed of them, since, as they wrote to
reform and improve the age, they will per-
ceive at once, that to place their most impor-
tant instructions, and salutary admonitions, in
the hands of Young Persons, and to adapt them
to the use of Schools and ACADEmies, is to
contribute most effectually to the accomplish-
ment of their benevolent design,: The works
themselves at large are so voluminous and ex-
pensive, as to be precluded from a general tir-
culation-extracts, therefore, are highly expe-,
dient, or rather absolutely necessary.

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