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To all the plains about him: children's children
Shall fee this, and blefs heav'n.

King. Thou fpeakest wonders.

Cran. She shall be, to the happiness of England,
An aged Princefs; many days fhall fee her,
And yet no day without a deed to crown it.
Would, I had known no more! but fhe muft die,
She muft, the Saints must have her yet a Virgin;
A most unspotted lilly she shall pass
To th' ground, and all the world fhall mourn her.
King. O lord Archbishop,

Thou'ft made me now a man ; never, before
This happy child, did I get any thing.
This oracle of comfort has fo pleas'd me,
That when I am in heav'n, I shall defire
To see what this child does, and praise my maker.
I thank ye all. To you, my good Lord Mayor,
And (a) your good brethren, I am much beholden:
I have receiv'd much honour by your prefence,
And ye shall find me thankful. Lead the way, lords;
Ye must all fee the Queen, and she must thank ye,
She will be fick elfe. This day no man think,
H'as business at his house, for all shall stay;
This little one fhall make it holy-day.

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IS ten to one, this Play can never please

All that are here: fome come to take their case, And fleep an act or two; but those, we fear, We've frighted with our trumpets: fo 'tis clear,

They'll fay, it's naught. Others, to hear the city


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Abus'd extremely, and to cry, That's witty!
Which we have not done neither; that, I fear,
All the expected Good w'are like to hear
For this Play at this time, is only in
The merciful conftruction of good wom'n;
(For fuch a one we fhew'd 'em) If they fmile,
And fay, 'twill do; I know within a while
All the beft men are ours ; for 'tis ill bap,
If they bold, when their ladies bid 'em clap.

The End of the Fifth Volume.

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