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York, James, Duke of, 2880-2883, 2885–2888,

2890, 2941
York, Prince George, Duke of, 3810
Yorkinos, 4351
Yorkists, 2334-2349
Yorktown, siege and evacuation of, 4154

siege and capture of, with Cornwallis,

Young, Brigham, 4089
Young, Dr., 79
Young, Edward, 3509
Ypress, fall of, 2972
Ypsilanti, Alexander, 3536
Ypsilanti, Demetrius, 3536
Yriarte, Chevalier, 3402
Yucatan, 4354
Yule, General James Herbert, 4504
Yungay, battle of, 4365
Yung-chi, 4635
Yung-ching, 4629, 4630
Yussuf Pasha, 3456, 3457
Yu the Great, 676

ZABALA, 3699
Zacatecas, 4361
Zachariah, 402
Zachary, Pope, 1885
Zacynthos, 711
Zadesprates, 1728
Zagatai, Empire of, 2462
Zagonyi, Major, 4140
Zagros, 449

battle of, 1729
Zahringen, Dukes of, 2111
Zama, battle of, 1220
Zama, Saracen general, 1841
Zamasp, 1682, 1683
Zanzibar, British war in, 3816
Zapolya, John, 2582, 2587
Zaporog, Cossacks, 3043
Zarathustra, or Zoroaster, 581-611
Zarina, or Zarinæa, 469
Zarowna, Peace of, 3044
Zasselitch, General, 4709
Zealand, island of, 3035, 3066
Zealand, province of, 2727, 2737
Zealand, New, 3569, 3670
Zebulun, 355

tribe of, 381
Zedekiah, 249, 409
Zehra, or Azhara, 1865

Zeid, 1771, 1785
Zeidikan, battle of, 3736
Zeisberger, David, 2946, 3986
Zell, Sophia of, 3079
Zemstvoes, 3887, 3933, 3934
Zend races and languages, 604
Zend-Avesta, 581-611

age of the, 584
analysis of, by modern Orientalists, se

books of the, 583, 584
extracts from the, 605-611
Gâthâs of the, 605, 606
language of the, 604
published by Artaxerxes I., 1613

teachings of the, 581
Zenger, John Peter, 2941
Zeno, the Eleatic, 937
Zeno, the Isaurian, 1574
Zeno, the Stoic, 1015
Zenta, battle of, 3064, 3065
Zephyr, 737
Zephyrs, 733
Zerah, 109
Zerâna-Akerana, 588
Zerubbabel, 411
Zeugitana, 432, 433
Zeus, 723–725

temple of, at Olympia, 943
Zeuxis, 944
Ziang dynasty, 679
Zianoff, Prince, 3455
Ziebel, 1740
Ziela, battle of, 1296
Ziethen, 3498
Zimisces, John, 1600
Zimmermann, General, 3739
Zimri, 401
Zingis Khan, or Temujin, 2449

childhood and education of, 2449, 3450
coronation of, 2450, 2451
conquests by, 2449-2454
government of, 2454

laws of, 2454
Zinzindorf, Count Nicholas Louis, 2946, 34
Zion, Mt., capture of, 394, 395

sowed with salt, 1089
Zipporah, 361
Ziska, John, 9190
Zizim, 2485, 2486, 2549
Znaym, battle of, 3741

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Truce of, 3741
20,9 Zodiac, of the Babylonians, 278

of the Chaldæans, 139

of the Medes, 589, 590
* Zollicoffer, General Felix Kirk, 4146

Zorilla, 3690
Zorndorf, battle of, 3124
Zoroaster, or Zarathustra, 581-611

and the Zend-Avesta, 581-611
great climatic changes in Northern Asia

during life of, 585, 586
life of, 584, 585
mentioned by Greek writers, 581-583
precepts of, 582, 583
religion of, 584, 585, 1612

teachings of, 585-595
Zoroastrianism, 32, 581-611

corruption of, 595, 603
disposal of the dead, 597
emblems of, 600, 601
fusion of, with Magism, 596, 597, 601, 602

and Magism, 581-611
period of pure, 601
present home of, 581

principal feature of, 598
Zoutman, Admiral, 3278
Zrini, Count, 3059
Zug, 2113
Zuloaga, 4357
Zulpich, or Tolbiac, battle of, 1546
Zulus, wars of, with the Boers, 4445

with the British, 3793, 3794, 4448
Zumalacarreguy, 3551
Zurich, 2113

battle of, 3425
capture of, 3425
massacre of, 3425

Peace of, 3630, 3631
Zutphen, battle of, 2689

siege of, 2741
Zwingli, Ulrich, 2607–2609, 2626

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The Sixty-Five-Foot Portrait Statues of Rameses II Before Rock Hewn Temple of Ipsambul (Abu-Simbel), Egypt.....

. FRONTISTIE Celtic Ornaments of the Ages of Bronze and Iron.

.Facing p. An Early Walled Town...... Colossal Memnon Statues at Thebes.. The Most Beautiful Colonnade in Egypt, Luxor, Thebes. Egyptian Farming Operations The Rosetta Stone Egyptian Toilet Articles, Vases, Amphoræ, Etc. Egyptian Hair-Dressing and Headwear.. Ruins of the Granite Temple Near the Sphinx, with the Great Pyramid of Gizeh Procession of the Sacred Bull, Apis-Osiris. ... The Sun God Shamash Dictating to Khammurabi the Code of Laws. Sargon's Palace at Khorsabad.. Ships of Sennacherib on the Tigris. Front and Sides of the Stele of Esar-Haddon (680 B. C.). Lions of Old Assyria.. Assyrian Inscriptions The Palaces of Nineveh, Restored. Assyrian Dress and Weapons..... Royal Assyrian Costumes and Furniture. Babylonian Marriage Market Ancient Babylon Assyrian Sculpture Great Reservoir, Built by King Hiram at Tyre.... The Israelites Led Into Captivity... Mosque Machpelah, The Burial Place of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The River Jordan David Playing Before Saul..... Croesus on the Funeral Pyre. Hamilcar Punishing the Insurgent Mercenaries.



Socrates Instructing Alcibiades...
Behistun Inscription
Medic and Persian Soldiers..
Bodyguard of a Persian King.
Parsees of India....
A Burning Ghat on the Ganges at Benares, India..


Dravidian Temple Cut in Solid Rock at Ellora, India...
The Car of Juggernaut, in which Krishna Rides....
Great Bronze Statue of Buddha in Temple at Kamakura, Japan..

Left: Procession at the Temple of Buddha's Tooth, Kandy, Ceylon..
TRATION Right: Carvings in the Hindu Temple at Madura, India.

Examination Hall at Canton, China.
Snow-Capped Fuji (12,365 Feet)..
Greek Divinities
The Norns or Fates..

Olympia Restored
I Betra Bei * The Acropolis of Sparta...

Greek Theatre of Dionysus.
The School of Pythagoras...
Greek Warriors and Statesmen.
Athens in the Time of Pericles.
Thebes, in Greece.....
Parthenon and Acropolis..
Greek Writers and Thinkers.
Sculpture of Phidias...
Greek Sculpture
Greek Arms and Military Costumes.
Greek Female Dress...
The Acropolis at Athens, Restored.
Macedonian Kings
Battle of Issus.
Death of Demosthenes.

Facing p. 620


654 .]

668 .S

682 694 701 738 748 768 796 800 832 846 886 924 926 942 944 946 950 954 982 990 1004

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Cleopatra Killing Slaves with Poison, to Determine the Manner of her Own Death..FRONTISPIECE
Baalbek, Once the Most Magnificent City in Syria.

Facing p. 1028
Greek Sarcophagus Found at Sidon....

1038 Gateway of Ptolemy Euergetes and Entrance to the Temple of Khons Karnak

1042 Great Altar at Pergamon.

1050 Christ and the Holy Women.

1084 Archimedes

1098 The Vision and Conversion of Constantine.

1106 The Sabine Women Urging Peace Between Their Roman Husbands and Their Sabine Relatives

1126 Tullia Driving Over the Body of Her Father..

1134 Roman Divinities

1136 Roman Religious Ceremonies

1140 Ancient Gauls

1162 Conquered Romans Passing Under the Yoke..

1178 Regulus Leaving Rome to Return to Carthage.

1200 Hannibal's Entrance Into Roussillon.

1206 Cornelia, The Mother of the Gracchi..

1246 Roman Warriors and Statesmen.

1276 Caius Julius Caesar...

1284 Battlefield of Pharsalia, Looking North..

1292 Pompey's Pillar at Alexandria.



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Pilgrims Leaving Cairo for Mecca...
Baptism of Clovis..
The First Preaching of Christianity in Britain.
Page from the Pandects of Justinian..
Sassanian Coins ..
Triumph of Sapor I Over the Emperor Valerian.
Palace of Chosroes I at Ctesiphon...
Sculpture of the Sassanian Period...
Mohammed Preaching the Unity of God.
Mohammedan Attitudes in Prayer..
A Reading from the Koran..
The Call to Prayer.....
Musicians and Standard-Bearers of a Saracen Army.
Charles Martel at the Battle of Tourg...
Haroun Al-Raschid
Cairo, Egypt
Cordova, Spain
Paris Besieged by the Normans.
A Walled Town in the Mountains,
Henry IV Doing Penance at Canossa.
The Viking's Ship
The Dying Normans.
An Invading Viking.
Scandinavian Antiquities of Prehistoric Ages.
King Alfred Inciting the Saxons.
Canute Rebuking His Courtiers.
Hastings Castle ...
William I Receiving the Crown of England..

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