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Of the YEAR 1761,

L O N D O N :
Printed for R. and J. Dodsley in Pall-mall, 1762,


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T will perhaps be thought necessary to I say a few words in excuse for the delay, in our annual publication, which appears fomewhat later than the usual time. The reader will be pleased to observe, that the papers relative to the rupture with Spain, which furnish a considerable and important part of our work, were not published until MARch 1762, though the events which they elucidate, properly belonged to the year 1761, which we were to treat. So that there was a necessary delay, in order not only to supply the unavoidable defeat, which want of early information had left in our history, but also to make some material


change in the plan of the whole, in consequence of the new lights that were afforded in those papers.

we heartly wish that, to our apology for this delay, we could add that the work has derived from it a superior degree of accuracy and correàness. But the public is sufficiently apprised of our disadvantages and defects; and we have sufficiently experienced an indulgence due, not to our abilities, but to the pains we have taken. They may be assured that this indulgence will not tempt us to an ungrateful negligence, or the least re

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