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" ... others. For if such nostrum be of real efficacy, any concealment regarding it is inconsistent with beneficence and professional liberality ; and if mystery alone give it value and importance, such craft implies either disgraceful ignorance or fraudulent... "
Transaction - Seite 219
von Texas Medical Association - 1884
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Medical Herald, Band 2

...avarice. It is also reprehensible for physicians to give certifitates attesting the efficacy of patei.t or secret medicines, or in any way to promote the use of them. ART. II. — Professional services of Physicians to each other. §1. All practitioners of medicine,...
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Physicians' and Dentists' Directory of the State of Michigan

...can repay or cancel them. ART. III.— PROFESSIONAL SERVICES OF PHYSICIANS TO EACH OTHER. Section 1. All practitioners of medicine, their wives, and their children while under the parental care, are entitled to the gratuitous services of any one or more of the faculty residing near...
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