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" Fairer was she when, on Sunday morn, while the bell from its turret Sprinkled with holy sounds the air, as the priest with his hyssop . Sprinkles the congregation, and scatters blessings upon them... "
Evangeline: a tale [in verse]. - Seite 15
von Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - 1848
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The universal anthology, a collection of the best literature, with ..., Band 17

Richard Garnett - 1899
...she bore to the reapers at noontide Flagons of home-brewed ale, ah ! fair in sooth was the maiden. Fairer was she when, on Sunday morn, while the bell...upon them, Down the long street she passed with her chaplets of beads and her missal, Wearing her Norman cap, and her kirtle of blue, and the earrings,...
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