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" For Tophet is ordained of old ; Yea, for the king it is prepared ; He hath made it deep and large: The pile thereof is fire and much wood ; The breath of the Lord, like a stream of brimstone, doth kindle it. "
The Southern Preacher: A Collection of Sermons, from the Manuscripts of ... - Seite 374
herausgegeben von - 1824 - 419 Seiten
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All the Financial Scriptures in the Bible with Commentary

Rich Brott - 2008 - 364 Seiten
...established of old, yes, for the king it is prepared. He has made it deep and large; Its pyre is fire with much wood; the breath of the LORD, like a stream of brimstone, kindles it. NKJV Isaiah 33:23 Your tackle is loosed, they could not strengthen their mast, they could...
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