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" Will cheer me ever, or disseat me now. I have lived long enough : my way of life Is fallen into the sear, the yellow leaf; And that which should accompany old age, As honor, love, obedience, troops of friends, I must not look to have ; but, in their stead,... "
The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare: With a Life of the Poet, and ... - Seite 250
von William Shakespeare - 1851
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Bibliotheca Sacra, Band 4

...I quote from memory. 1 forget how Griesbach expresses it; but it n something to this effect. I hare lived long enough : my way of life Is fallen into...loud but deep ; mouth-honor, breath, Which the poor beut would lain deny, but dare not.i In some of the copies it is " my MAT of life is fallen into the...
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Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 142, no. 1, 1998)

...There were other things he also learned, of course, as in his admission that My way of life Is fall'n into the sear, the yellow leaf, And that which should...mouth-honor, breath, Which the poor heart would fain deny, and dare not. [5.3.22-28] The comments just quoted from Macbeth appear in the final act of the play,...
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