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" Eureka, who shall hold office for the term of four years from the date of his appointment. "
America, Its Realities and Resources: Comprising Important Details Connected ... - Seite 76
von Francis Wyse - 1846 - 494 Seiten
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Reports of Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of ..., Band 152

California. Supreme Court - 1908
...and as the governor names specific men for the places, and each notary ia appointed to the particular office for the term of four years from the date of his nomination, and, as to his term and office, no notary is the legal successor of another. Section 1003a...
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Arkansas Public Documents: 1854-60]

...of Arkansas ; and said chancellor, under and subject to the conditions of this act, shall hold his office for the term of four years, from the date of his qualification, and until his successor is appointed and qualified, and shall be commissioned by the...
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